Mounting bracket V2

Mounting bracket V2

Under desk and truss mounting for MODEX extenders

Part No: 5240 0273

Highlight features:

  • Carries the weight of a MODEX mounted in any direction whether horizontally or vertically
  • Designed for both under desk and truss mounting
  • Includes M4 x 8 mm screws and washers to fasten the bracket to the MODEX frame

The Mounting bracket V2 makes through-furniture and under-desk mounting easy, whilst allowing truss mounting with standard clamps for the MODEX extenders. The bracket can carry the weight of one 1/2 rack unit MODEX (3kg maximum) in any direction, although we recommend using a two brackets per unit in fixed installations for perfect stability. The bracket can be ordered separately.

Care must be taken to ensure proper ventilation of MODEX when designing any system. Side ventilation holes must not be covered. If the ventilation of a MODEX is limited to a closed space (MODEX is built into furniture for example), the designer shall provide satisfactory ventilation of that space to prevent excessive heat build-up inside.

As outlined previously, the Mounting bracket V2 is also designed for truss mounting. Standard truss mount clamps can be connected to the brackets using an M8, M9 or M10 screw. The bracket is designed to withstand static load. Dynamic loading or static overloading could cause a reduction in reliability.

The default accessories included with this bracket are M4 x 8 mm screws and washers (4 sets per bracket). These are required to fasten the bracket to the side of a MODEX frame.

Dimension: 88 W x 42.5 D x 30 H (mm)

Compatible products:

  • MODEX frames

Mounting bracket

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