PRODUCTS By function 25G HYBRID frames & Media layers 25G-LAYER-ETH-160, 25G-LAYER-ETH-80 Ethernet layer


Ethernet layer

Part No: 9121 0015 (160), 9121 0017 (80)


  • Gigabit uplink 100 Mbit connection for all matrix I/O ports
  • VLANs can be defined
  • Ethernet extension over TPS cable and OPTS/OPTM fiber
  • HDMI 1.4 HEC
  • Layer 2 Ethernet swith


All built-in ports 100 Mbit Ethernet switch can be used for controlling devices such as projectors and media players or can provide Ethernet access for all connected devices from a 1 Gigabit uplink. Ethernet, as with every other layer, can be extended over a single fiber or single CAT cable. The VLAN function also allows the user to set up Virtual Networks inside the 320 port domain.

HEC is the Ethernet Channel over the HDMI cable and was introduced by HDMI 1.4. Lightware’s 25G Hybrid matrix architecture is the world’s first fully compatible HDMI1.4 matrix switcher that provides HEC and ARC functions, supports 4K resolutions and 3D formats.


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