PRODUCTS By function 25G HYBRID frames & Media layers 25G-LAYER-USB-KVM-160, 25G-LAYER-USB-KVM-80


USB KVM layer

Part No: 9121 0014 (160), 9121 0021 (80)


  • 2 USB HID devices per 25G I/O port

  • Keyboard combinations for matrix control

  • USB HUB can be connected to the outputs (Keyboard, Mouse, Smart Card)

  • Point to point, point to multipoint, multipoint to point connections


With the USB KVM option, users can utilize the 25G Hybrid signal management for KVM matrix purposes. Up to 160 computers can be controlled by up to 160 operators. 25G allows point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to point control. This technique allows multiple operators to control one single computer or one operator to control multiple computers.

Special key command can also be implemented in the 25G Hybrid routers. It is possible to control the matrix from any connected keyboard connected with these commands.

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