Twisted Pair Input board for DVI over CAT5...CAT7 cables


  • Optional extender remote powering over second CATx cable
  • Advanced EDID Management over second CATx cable
  • Accepts DVI signals over CAT5, CAT6 or CAT7 cables
  • Input cable equalization: Adaptive or Manual

MX-DVI-TP-IB+ Input board has 8 dual Twisted Pair Input channels accepting DVI-D signals. Each Input port incorporates two RJ45 connectors that have built-in Cable Extender and an individual EDID Manager for setting EDID information and keeping sources continuously active. Using a supplied external 12 Volt DC power supply, this board is able to remotely power the connected compatible TP transmitters such as the DVI-HDCP-TP-TX50.

Compatible products
HDCP compliancy: no
Max Resolution: 1920x1200 or 2048x1080
Power consumption (3.3 V): 1.7 A (typical), 2.3 A (max.)
Power consumption (5 V): 0 A (typical), 0 A (max.)
Calculated AC Power (W): 8 (typical), 10.8 (max.)
Heat dissipation (BTU): 86 (typical), 183 (max.)
Weight: 830 g
Input connectors: RJ45

product brief compatibility

 user manual

 cad drawing
comparison chart  CE DoC

Supplied accessory for the remote power function

Power supply with IEC plug for 12V remote powering function. Universal input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz. Output: 12 V DC, 6.67 A.


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