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Universal Matrix switcher in 4x4 I/O configuration


 Published on 11 November 2011

Lightware Visual Engineering introduces the new UMX4x4-Pro Universal Matrix Switcher.

New features:

  • Accepts VGA, YUV, DVI and HDMI 1.3 signals on each Input
  • All-in-one design concept
  • Separate Audio and Video matrix switching…
  • Analog Audio and Video A/D conversion
  • HDCP compliant



hybrid sw

UMX4x4-Pro, the all-round Universal Matrix Switcher, is the perfect solution for ever-changing environments such as small board rooms and classrooms. UMX (Universal MatriX) technology was recently developed by Lightware to support various analog and digital audio visual formats such as VGA, YUV, digital DVI, HDMI 1.3 with HDCP, stereo analog and S/PDIF digital audio signals.

Each Input port incorporates an individual EDID Manager, a video A/D converter and a Digital/Analog video switch. No frame delay occurs if an analog signal is digitized. Each port contains an auto sync function, but the picture parameters can also be fine-tuned manually. The built in Frame Detector and graphical signal analyzer helps make precise adjustments and our Pixel Accurate Reclocking technology provides exceptional signal regeneration capability. With the additional features, such as RS-232 and IP control and a comprehensive software suite, the UMX4x4-Pro is our most powerful and adaptive matrix yet.

UMX4x4-Pro has the ability to input HDMI with embedded audio and DVI with HDCP encryption, VGA, component video and Analog or Digital audio. De-embedding audio from the incoming HDMI stream, re-embedding at output from a different audio source and even routing audio separately from video is easily handled with the UMX switcher. Up to 8 video sources can be connected to the system, 4 digital and 4 analog, with accessible simultaneously.

umx4x4 features2

Hybrid video switching:
umx4x4 integrated Typical application in small conference room

Solutions for various video and audio environment
umx4x4 ports


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