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Published on 01 March 2012

Lightware Visual Engineering would like to introduce the new MX-3GSDI-IB input board for our modular matrix frames.

Highlight features:

  • Built-in 8 x SDI to HDMI converter
  • SDI multichannel audio de-embedding
  • Embeds multichannel SDI or external S/PDIF digital audio onto the HDMI signal

MX-3GSDI-IB accepts SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI video signals with embedded audio on BNC connectors. Each channel also incorporates an SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI to HDMI/DVI converter for further switching and processing in the router frame. SDI input signals are automatically equalized and reclocked. Read more...

Port diagram

MX-3GSDI-IB port diagram
Modular matrix frames
The 3G-SDI input board is a perfect example of our hybrid video switching technology. The matrix converts the 3G-SDI signal to HDMI and will route and output it in the desired video format. The router frames start from 9x9 I/O size and increase up to 80x80. Read more...

Modular matrix boards
Fiber and CAT extension is available into and out of the chassis in addition to direct I/O for multiple signal formats. Anything from VGA up to Dual-Link DVI and HDMI is supported. We have a wide variety of I/O boards incorporating Lightware developed technologies such as Advanced EDID Management, HDCP compatibility and Pixel Accurate Reclocking. Read more…

Modular matrix frames
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