Published on 24 April 2012

Lightware Visual Engineering introduces MXD-HDMI-TP-IB and
boards for our modular matrix frames.


Highlight features:

  • Double slot input and output boards with HDCP compliance
  • RS-232 or S/PDIF control over twisted pair
  • Accepts and transmits HDMI 1.3 and DVI signal over CATx cables

    The double slot HDMI-TP boards are an upgraded versions of MX-HDMI-TP boards. These boards accept HDMI 1.3 and 3D signals over two CATx cables, and provide a bi-directional RS-232 link. Each port de-embeds digital audio from the HDMI stream, and outputs via an S/PDIF connector locally while maintaining the audio content.



 Download TP-IB Product brief (97 Kb)
 Download TP-OB Product brief (106 Kb)
 TP Extension Cross Compatibility (63 Kb)
 TP Extenders Comparison Chart (68 Kb)

 Download Frames catalog (6.4 Mb)


  Cross compatibility table and Comparison chart

When a system becomes particularly complex, specifying the right products becomes crucial for the potential success of the install.With these tables you can easy check the compatible products for your specification and choose the best option.
Please note that a double slot board needs two cards’ slot in the  frame  and  only  compatible  with  MX-FR80R,  MX-FR65R,
MX-FR33R, MX-FR33L and MX-FR17 frames.  

acrobatTP Extension System Cross Compatibility Table acrobatTP Extenders Comparison chart



Port diagrams for double slot matrix input and output boards

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