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Published on 18 September 2013

As the exhibitions follow each other more frequently at Lightware, our intention is to present our new products and technologies all over the world – following this, our Modular Extender family called MODEX will be introduced in Dubai this October alongside the unique 4K demo with the MX series and the stunning 25G HYBRID technology. Visit us at booth #TA-E25.

25G HYBRID design and the MODEX family

25G is a complete source to display solution for all video, audio and control formats over one single CATx or fiber cable. 25G Hybrid combines switching with a powerful suite of diagnostic software tools for the digital age, delivering a superior user experience. The new DVI-D, HDMI, OPTS and OPTM boards are coming in the next few months.
The 25G Hybrid design includes an extender (transmitters and receivers) infrastructure called the MODEX family which offers a full range of modular transmitters and receivers including all the functions of the 25G technology. Extension can be achieved by a single CATx cable or a single fiber, both with full functionality.
acrobatDownload 25G HYBRID product brief (2.3 Mb)
acrobatDownload MODEX product brief (4 Mb)

  25g hybrid signal management  

MX series Modular matrices with 4K support

Our Hybrid Modular matrix switchers can be used with various input and output interface boards, which can be mixed in the same frame without limitation.
The new TPS series input/output boards using the innovative HDBaseT™ technology providing HDMI 1.4, audio, Ethernet and RS-232 extension on a single CATx cable up to 180m distance in Full HD 1080p. Resolutions up to 4K and 48-bit color depth are handled with all standard audio formats as well as 120Hz 3D signals.
acrobatDownload Frames mini catalogue (8.3 Mb)

  lightware mx fr33r small 4K  
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