DVI-TP-TX200DL and DVI-TP-RX100DL new product release

tptx200_cutLightware Visual Engineering introduces DVI-TP-TX200DL and DVI-TP-RX100DL high-performance Dual Link DVI over twisted pair cable extenders. These small rack-mountable boxes allow you to transmit a non-enrypted 2560x1600@60Hz or4096x2400@24Hz DVI signal to up to 50 m using high quality CAT6a or CAT7 cables.

The TX200’s built-in Advanced EDID Management feature provides 50 factory preset EDIDs, covering the most common VESA resolutions and it also contains 50 user programmable memory slots that can store any display’s EDID. This useful feature also allows you to reduce the number of cables compared to other manufacturers’ products, since there is no need to transmit the EDID of the monitor connected to the RX100DL.

The TX200DL also acts as a distribution amplifier. Apart from the CAT7 outputs, the signal is also available on a local Dual Link DVI connector. This way the user can monitor the outgoing signal without having to use a separate distribution amplifier. To counteract the signal degrading properties of long twisted pair cables, RX100DL uses a sophisticated equalizer circuit which can compensate for up to 40 dB (the signal’s amplitude is 1:100 of the original) of cable loss. The unit can operate in Automatic (or adaptive) and Manual equalization modes. For most applications, automatic mode results in a crystal clear image, but in extreme conditions, manual mode gives users the possibility to fine-tune the circuit simply by turning a high precision 25-turn knob.

The RX100DL is also equipped with a TMDS Reclcocking circuit which eliminates jitter and intra-pair skew that may build up in long cables and additional devices (matrices, distribution amplifiers, switches). After the signal passes the RX100DL’s built-in recklocker, it becomes stable and easily recognizable for any display.

Using with Single Link and Dual Link hybrid Matrix


  • TMDS Reclocking:
    Intra-pair skew compensation
    Jitter compensation
  • 50 meters long Dual Link DVI signal transmission at 2560x1600@60Hz and 4096x2400@24Hz resolutions (using two CAT7 cables)
  • No compression - No latency - Zero frame delay
  • 50 meters long Single Link DVI signal transmission at 1920x1080p resolution (using one CAT7 cable)
  • Built-in EDID Manager with 50 user programmable EDID memory addresses
  • Buffered Local monitor output
  • Locking DC connector for secure connection
  • Source detection and Monitor detection LED

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