NEWS AND ADVERTS 20 November 2014

At Lightware, one big focus of the last 12 months has been on developing our HDBaseT (TPS) product line. The next step in our TPS range, the new wallplate version of the UMX-TPS series will launch in early 2015. The WP-UMX-TPS-TX120-US and WP-UMX-TPS-TX130-US are designed to transmit multiple video formats at resolutions up to 4K UHD. This video, plus audio and control, can be sent up to 170 meters at 1080p over a single CATx cable. Support for VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort video inputs as well as separate audio connectivity make these extenders the perfect solution for many small meeting/classroom applications, or as part of a larger multi-room system. 

WP-UMX-TPS application

As always these units are compatible with any of our currently available TPS receiver products and can also be incorporated into our MX series modular matrices. These TPS extenders will be available to order in the coming weeks and will be shipping in early 2015.

Download WP-UMX-TPS-TX120-US product brief   Download WP-UMX-TPS-TX130-US product brief  

Along-side the release of our new UMX-TPS product family, Lightware's TPS range has a new remote powering solution supporting the PoE standard. Based on this new technology, every TX and RX unit will be power receivers (or can be fed locally by a power supply), and remote powering can be achieved by using our new power injector unit, the TPS-PI-1P1. This unit can be placed anywhere in the TPS transmission chain and can feed power remotely to one end-point. Thanks to a 12V local output, the other device can also be powered if they are placed close to each other, meaning no power supplies for the TX or RX are needed. Read more...
Download TPS-PI-1P1 product brief  

Upcoming exhibitions

We always like to provide a list of our upcoming exhibitions, and as we near the end of 2014, we thought we'd provide a summary of our major shows for 2015 below… We look forward to seeing you there.

Exhibitions map

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