NEWS AND ADVERTS Published on 16 March 2015

Published on 16 March 2015

Welcome to our latest newsletter. This month we would like to introduce to you a standard application, often seen in the live event market, containing fiber optical extenders and a TPS series HDBaseTTM extender which are all connected to a central matrix switcher frame.

  MX demo Prolight and Sound  


In this specific application the MX-FR17 matrix has dual-role element. It is used for expanding the number of inputs of the video processor, in this example a Christie Spyder, whilst also being the main signal distribution component in the system at the same time.








DVI-OPT-TX220-Pro is used for transmitting crystal clear video from longer distances on fiber with solid Neutrik connectors, while having the opportunity to preview the transmitted picture locally. The matrix chassis is equipped with the appropriate fiber optical board on Neutrik connectors, thus eliminating an additional optical receiver box.


On the display side we are using HDBaseT distribution via a single CAT cable with our DVI-HDCP-TPS-RX95 receivers for 50-170m distances. The matrix is again equipped with the compatible TPS output board to eliminate an additional transmitter. This output board can of course drive the new HDBaseT projectors and displays directly, even without the receiver.


The output of the Vista Spyder is extended with the connector sized, solid aluminum DVI-OPT-TX/RX-110 optical extender pair, which is a space-saving and cost effective way of reliable long distance extension.


Prolight and sound


If you are interested in this application, we will be showcasing a live setup at Prolight + sound exhibition among some other live demonstrations.


Revisit Lightware booth at ISE

Thank you very much once again for visiting us at ISE this year and made this exhibition a huge success for Lightware! For those who were there and who might have missed our booth at ISE 2015, we put together a little video overview. See you at the upcoming Prolight + sound!

Watch the video



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