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 How to speed up the troubleshooting process
 figure.png  Having to contact tech support usually means that you are in trouble. We have all been in tough situations when there is time pressure or it's a very important installation or customer and we wanted to get things fixed as quickly as possible. At Lightware we are always trying to improve our processes to solve issues faster but troubleshooting is a two-way street, we need to work together with the person on the other end. Based on our experience - gathered through years of service and thousands of support cases - we can say that there is one key thing that the customer/installer can do to speed things up significantly. And that is to give our support engineers as much information about the situation as possible and as early as possible. We collected the types of information that we usually ask for and we put them in a short document. You could call it a Troubleshooting Quick Start Guide. Our support engineers have already put a small banner in their signature that points to this document. You can download the document by clicking on the Download button below. We hope that you will find it useful.
  webpage.jpg Visit the support page      acrobat.jpgDownload the document   

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