NEWS AND ADVERTS Complex conferencing at the Hungarian Parliament

Complex conferencing at the Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament Building is the largest building in Hungary and is the world's third-largest parliament building. At the end of 2014, the Parliament announced a tender for the development of a conference and AV system for a larger conference room. Complex system design was required to give the Hungarian Parliament a congress system that perfectly matched its requirements.

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The main difficulty in the project was that the Parliament required complex, custom development in several aspects (voting, meeting management camera control, etc.), which had to be implemented within a short period of time. The complete system includes three venues - Committee Room, TV Studio, and Secretariat which are connected to each other via Ethernet and fiber optical network. On the integrated graphic display, other information related to the discussion can be easily displayed, whereas the flat panel loudspeaker provides high speech intelligibility, regardless of the headcount. The application software installed makes sure the management, control and broadcasting of the meetings meet the highest possible level. The meeting is controlled by an operator sitting in the corner of the room, based on the instructions of the chairman, from a 23-inch touchscreen. When a chairman or delegate microphone is activated the camera assigned to that position also gets activated. If there is no active microphone, an overview camera image will be automatically displayed.

The technician can intervene at any time during the automatic broadcasting; he/she can reposition prepositions, cut a still image and can bring up the voting results in a graphical/text format on a layer above the camera image. The conference system adds value to every aspect of committee meetings, ensuring greater activity and comfort of the participants. It also provides efficient communication of information to internal staff and the public, with only minimal human resources for the operation needed.

The complex system includes a Lightware MODEX optical extender and a DVI-HDCP-OPTS-TX90 optical extender. You may download the whole article here. 

Or you may page to the article in the online pdf version of the print INAVATE magazine here.


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