NEWS AND ADVERTS HK Diners Get the Mercedes-Benz Treatment

HK Diners Get the Mercedes-Benz Treatment

When Mercedes-Benz opened a new retail and dining concept on Queen’s Road in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling Central district, passers-by appeared mystified as to what  it could be. Created in partnership with Hong Kong restaurant group Maximal Concepts, Mercedes Me, ‘is about creating the ultimate personalised experience, developed organically around you and the products that you love,’ the German car manufacturer explained. Visitors can absorb the latest news and events from the Mercedes-Benz world, in addition to fashion shows and Formula 1 live broadcasts.

Based on the same destination lifestyle concepts in Germany, the 480 sq-m space is a place to enjoy gourmet food, wines and cocktails, whilst engaging in cars, motor racing, design, art and fashion. Arriving patrons are greeted by a touchscreen welcome table highlighting the services that can be engaged with together with a panel to configure a customised car. The decor in the polished concrete shell resembles the interior of some of the brand’s cars with dark blue upholstered seats, polished timber and a collection of black and white photos showcasing Mercedes-Benz’s greatest models.

A Lightware MX-FR17 digital matrix lies at the heart of Mercedes Me’s video distribution system. Click here to read the whole article.


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