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March Newsletter
  25G boards  


 ISE Daily 2014

Extenders target boardrooms, classrooms


25G family grows again

February Newsletter
  DVI-HDCP-TPS extenders  
  This month, we are pleased to introduce the new 95 series DVI-HDCP-TPS and HDMI-TPS extenders.  


The 25G goes compact


Integrated System Europe 2014
  ISE header  


The New Year has started and we're all fully focused and working hard on Lightware's preparations for ISE in Amsterdam in early February. Please feel free to join us on booth #3-C128 to chat with some of our sales/engineering team.



December Newsletter

Published on 10 December 2013

As the New Year is fast approaching, and with it, so is the biggest event of our year – ISE 2014. Lightware has many new developments to showcase that we hope will be of interest to you. We hope you have your tickets ready for the show on 4-6th February and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Booth #3-C128!

  new products ISE 25G logo  

New products at ISE

We're in the final stages of releasing the new 25G family member, an 80x80 crosspoint matrix frame. This compact 25G frame handles 80 input and 80 output ports and manages the signals on 8 different breakaway layers, switching signals in 3 dimensions. The architecture, as with the 160x160, is capable of routing and extending all current and many future formats such as HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2. Get more info in our January newsletter and on our Booth #3-C128!

new products ISE TPSOur new UMX-TPS family development contains HDBaseT™ extenders, wall and floor plates. These devices transmit universal (analog and digital) video at a resolution up to 4K, audio and control up to 180 meter distance over a single CAT cable for ever-changing environments such as small board rooms and classrooms.



Digital Cooking

digitalcooking main


Our digital chefs, Bertrand Jenner and Aaron Lange from Lightware Asia are cooking up experiments with brand new standards, revealing the different ingredients inside different cables and are sharing system design recipes with you. It’s high time to taste them! Click here to open the articles and join them in the kitchen.

November Newsletter
  mxfr80 fully TPS  


October Newsletter

Published on 16 October 2013

Lightware's Universal Technology is designed for professional conference, class or meeting room environments. The installation of multiple rooms with the multiple different types of source and display formats available in the AV industry can lead to lots of headaches. With this in mind, Lightware has recently developed the UMX family as the ideal solution. Designing a professional AV system for a conference room is extremely easy and simple when using Lightware UMX products. They incorporate all the required features such as various connector types; separate switching of audio and video; audio embedding and de-embedding per port and even more – all of which contributes to system transparency and ease of use. Simplify your system and save precious time by using one single box.


LANG AG to become Lightware distributor

LANG AG and Lightware Visual Engineering announce their new distribution agreement for the German market. Already supplying the rental and staging sector with high-end solutions, the Lindlar, Germany based company positions itself as the full-range provider not only for the high-end spectrum but for the custom requests of fixed-installers as well. Consequently, rental and staging companies, system integrators, event service providers and retailers will find LANG AG to be a capable partner for both custom and standard solutions of the Hungarian company. Lightware is known for outstanding solutions in switchers as well as signal conversion and extension. Lately, they drew a lot of attention with their 25G HYBRID signal management with up to 160x160 I/Os and their Modex system for modular conversion and long range transmission of signals. “LANG accompanied us since our beginnings and gave us several crucial impulses for our development. Over the years, we connected in both profession and friendship. This is why we know that we can trust in LANG’s expertise and why we look forward to a successful future together”, said Gergely Vida, CEO of Lightware. Tobias Lang, CEO of LANG AG, welcomes the agreement as well, providing a well-rounded portfolio of reliable, trendsetting products for signal management both in rental and sale.

dubai csik2 dubai csik dubai csik3
Published on 18 September 2013

As the exhibitions follow each other more frequently at Lightware, our intention is to present our new products and technologies all over the world – following this, our Modular Extender family called MODEX will be introduced in Dubai this October alongside the unique 4K demo with the MX series and the stunning 25G HYBRID technology. Visit us at booth #TA-E25.



Published on 28 August 2013
HDBaseT integration

HDBaseT is an innovative patent-pending technology which is the first to enable simplified, long distance wired connectivity of uncompressed HD multimedia content over a single standard CAT5e/6 cable. HDBaseT is delivering improved quality, enhanced reliability and future-proof interoperability; it unleashes the full potential of uncompressed HD connectivity. Lightware currently produces the largest HDBaseT matrix router on the market, reaching sizes up to 160x160 by using our 25G architecture fully populated with MX-TPS input and output boards.
acrobatDownload TPS family brochure (1.7 Mb)

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