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Wallplate (WP) and Floorbox (FP) TPS Extenders for Single CATx Cable with PoE

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WP/FP-HDMI-TPS-TX/RX97 series twisted pair HDBaseT™ extenders provide extension of uncompressed 4K/UHD video with embedded audio (up to eight channel PCM or HBR audio) for long distances over a single CATx cable.

Highlight features

  • 4K UHD HDBaseT™ compatible HDMI TPS extender wallplates and floorpanels
  • Single‑Link DVI and HDMI extension supporting 4K/UHD (30Hz)
  • RGB 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0) and 120 Hz 3D capabilities
  • Extends Single‑Link DVI or HDMI + Ethernet + RS‑232 + IR over one CATx cable up to 170m* transmission distance over TPS 10/100 Ethernet transmission
  • Bi‑directional RS‑232 and IR
  • HDCP compliant, CEC, EDID transparent
  • Operation mode switch (Auto or forced Long Reach Mode) - The auto operation mode allows the device to detect the far end extender’s mode and adopt it
  • New design fits standard wall and floor panel boxes while providing optimized cable connect and removal
  • Fits in most common standard wall and floor panel boxes

*Depends on cable category and quality

The following table lists additional versions of the same wall and floor panel series. For availability and other information please inquire at your Lightware sales contact.

The thoroughly redesigned form factor of the wall and floor panels allows for easier connecting and removing cables in narrow spaces (behind TV sets, under floor panel lids) and reduces cable bending and breaking. The built-in cable tie-down points further ensure stable connection and reduce cable stress.

 Product variants under development
Wall panels WP-HDMI-TPS-RX97-EU




Floor panels FP-HDMI-TPS-RX97-GB3


WP-HDMI-TPS-RX97 EU 01 800px

 product brief
 assembly guide - GB3
 assembly guide - Legrand
csg Quick Start Guide - TX
csg Quick Start Guide - RX
csg CE Doc
 back view

Long reach mode


Standalone diagram

WP-HDMI-RX-TPS97 standalone v3 200px


WP-HDMI-TX-TPS97 standalone v3 200px


Port diagram

TPS-TX-97 port-diagram 200


Application diagram

FP-HDMI-TPS-RX97 with matrix 200px


FP-HDMI-TPS-TX-97 with matrix 200px


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